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Award of Excellence to Canadian Champ, Rick Gill!

Rick Gill, a former international professional basketball player, is a prime example of how one person can do so much. In just two years he has gained the support of students, teachers, schools, and businesses from across his hometown city of Vancouver, Canada and he is only getting started.  

On November 22, 2009 Rick organized shoot-a-thons at six locations around Vancouver, BC. Rick knows hoops and people, a product of a hoops loving community, and went on from being a provincial and university basketball star to a professional international career for 7 years, including South Africa. Rick is now a teacher at Queen Elizabeth high school, around the corner from where he went to high school.

Rick has led the Canadian Hoops 4 Hope effort to raise funds, creating cultural exchanges, and establish a community service award, as well as collecting thousands of uniforms, balls and sneakers.  In just one year Rick and his new H4H family filled a 40ft container with 11,000 pairs of sneakers, recycled uniforms, and balls that now live on in South Africa. 

Founder Mark Crandall had the pleasure of going to this year’s second annual event, racing to all of six locations around the city and meeting the amazing supporters including students, teachers, shop owners, parents, Rotarians, university men’s and women’s teams, Steve Nash League and BC Basketball federation members, and the Michael Jordan of Canada, Howard Kelsey, to name just a few; all of whom contributed to this event that raised over $10,000 towards H4H’s first Community Container Clubhouse.

Rick Gill is a true H4H Champion and was proudly awarded H4H’s Award of Excellence 2009!