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Calling All Social Entrepreneurs! Putting People Skills to work at H4H

Hailing from Newton, MA, David Micley is a student at Emory University who is spending this semester at the University of Cape Town and has been working as a volunteer with H4H. A self-proclaimed people-person and salesman, David intends on being our best fundraiser/male model, raising awareness and funds by selling our signature beaded bracelets and stylish H4H and S4H t-shirts to students and friends while here in Cape Town, and continuing his quest back in America!

David has been inspired to support H4H and we look forward to reporting how many t-shirts this motivated young, social entrepreneur can sell to help keep the H4H programs alive!  With over 800 foreign students alone on this campus of 20,000, we have high hopes!

And now a challenge to David and our other supporters:  He/She who raises/sells the most $ for our organization by May 31st will get 2 tickets to the 2010 FIFA World Cup games here in Cape Town!