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Cape Town or Bust

The H4H Zimbabwe Chapter is getting prepared to embark on an epic journey in our donated school bus from New York that came to Africa two years ago filled with sneakers and plenty of spare auto parts.  This GMC has survived and excelled in its new environs on the potholed roads of Zimbabwe.  She just had her oil changed and is ready for the journey. Her first international voyage pictured above, when the little school bus took took the men’s and women’s National teams to a Zone 6 competition in Zambia, their neighbors to the north. 

The All Star team is getting ready to depart for a journey to Cape Town for our H4H International training on Feb 18th, 2010 hosted at our Cape Town base of operations at the Rainbow Center in Guguletu. Joined by our partners from Angola with Candians, Germans and many Americans in the mix too, we look forward to sharing and learning about our important model with our international representatives so we can best deliver our quality programs.  We will be training our people with documented ME tools and all learn how to use the new SMS based web portal to communicate important real time information to measure the successes while keeping our H4H family communicating easily across the region and the planet. 

The exact route still remains unannounced, but there is definite hype around a potential cruise through Kruger so the guys can move down a few notches on the food chain, driving down through Swaziland and the heartland of South Africa as you finally come through the Karoo Desert to Cape Town.  

This is an official H4H Adventure, not only to bring our coaches to this important training, but also to commemorate ten years since our last historic trip with Discovery Channel by bicycle around Zimbabwe, bringing our portable hoop around the beautiful Zimbabwean countryside meeting amazing people in far off places like Risitu, Honde Valley and Chimanimani, a bungi jump off the bridge into the stunning Victoria Falls, to the road to Binga with huge drums made out of trees along the road, going east under Lake Kariba and into the land of the baobabs.  
As we go into 2010, Team H4H Zimbabwe is excited to travel safely across the border to South Africa and to celebrate the positive things about this great continent, pay tribute to team Togo, and try to dispel some pre-World Cup Afro-pessimism that seems to be all over the foreign papers. We have done traveled this route safely for twenty five years and have only amazing memories and want the world to know that H4H is Creating Freedom Through Sport!  

With our partnership with the NBA Cares and our important role at Soccer 4 Hope coaching Girls Only at the Fifa Football for Hope Center in the lead up to the 2010 World Cup, we will be able to better serve more communities in rural and urban settings in southern Africa and beyond with our unique model that builds leaders for the better future for us all. 

(just need some petrol $$$, thanks!)