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Team Argus 2010

The 33rd Cape Argus Bicycle race on Sunday March 14th was a challenge for most everyone riding, as they dealt with a howling, 45km southeast wind. The Cape Argus is the largest timed bike race in the world, with over 35,000 riders over a 109km route, around the beautiful Cape peninsula. This year’s race included Lance Armstrong who finished 9th, but only 16 seconds behind the winner at an unbelievable time of 2:30. The H4H elite cycle team, complete with the ‘bike hoop’, participated in this epic bike race.

The first Argus by team H4H was done in 1999 by Directors Jeff Gamble and Mark Crandall, who just finished his 10th race. They were given a surprise entrance with only 2 days warning, but finished in well over 7 hours.

This year, Team Hoops4Hope and Soccer4Hope riders were sponsored by Africa Centre and Spier Contemporary and really represented in this awesome event around the beautiful Cape.

The race started in the heart of the city, with the wind in riders’ faces, all the way along the Indian Ocean towards Cape Point, the first of three major mountain passes at the tip of Africa. Then the wind went to their backs by the ostrich farms, to Misty Cliffs, and along the Atlantic Ocean to Chapman’s Peak. It was not long before they received another sandblasting from the wind, sheering across the highway in Oceanview, where the crowds and roadside party made up for it. The team then rode to the top of the infamous Suikerbossie Hill, where people offer to push you up or a beef roll, and then it is downhill all the way to the finish.

Team H4H and Spier had energy! We also got some serious TV time for our riders on the bike hoop, which made it almost around the whole Cape! Thanks to our welcoming squad, who cheered and gave their support near the finish in Sea Point. Well done to everyone on the team: H4H Team Riders Thabo, La La, Vuyo, Ravik and race finishers Aimee Hartley, Karl Voysey, Sue de Lara, Mark Crandall, Myc Makanda, Fred Steiner, and a special congrats to Kita for leading the pack in 2010!