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Next Generation of Change Agents: Ash and Bo Make a Difference!

Written by H4H Supporter/Mother of Ash & Bo:

At the end of every summer, well this was our second summer doing this, Ash and Bo have a cookie stand in Sag Harbor. We think about it all summer, or at least Ash & Bo think about it, (what they’ll sell, when, how, what charity etc..) and from the moment Ash learned about Hoops 4 Hope, he independently decided he wanted to the money to go to Hoops 4 Hope.  It wasn’t long after he started camp, we were talking about what charity to donate the money to, & he immediately said Hoops 4 Hope. Last year, it was for homeless people as he was very interested and curious in homeless people.  This year Hoops 4 Hope!

So Bo agreed, and they had their sale the last w/end of summer. Was a lot of fun. They were great. Ash told everyone that all the money was going to a great charity called Hoops 4 Hopes, and he also wrote it on their signs. A lot of people knew about Hoops 4 Hope. Some didn’t and asked what it was, & in his own words he said: “it’s for children in Africa to play more sports like basketball and soccer.” They raised a total of $158, which I just donated on-line on the website.

Here are a few photos of them & their signs..& cookies! And, a letter from Ash to you, which he has mailed to you. I also scanned it here for you!

In case you can’t read it, it says:


Dear Mark

I raised enough money at my cookie stand to go to Hoops 4 Hope and Soccer 4 Hope.

Love Ash

(other side)

So I was wondering if you could send this money to Soccer 4 Hope and Hoops 4 Hope

Love Ash”