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World Cup 2010 Highlights

“I believe in this initiative whole heartedly. A great way to give back!”

Desiree Ellis South African Women’s Soccer Team player (Banyana Banyana) Skippered the national team for a record of nine years. 32 times, scoring six goals.

  • 2006 Soccer 4 Hope trains with and shares with Grassroots Soccer internationally-recognized HIV prevention curriculum that uses soccer players, coaches and the game itself to teach prevention, awareness, critical life skills and leadership for young people.

“Overall, the GRS curriculum is culturally appropriate, internationally suitable, creative, and effective way to educate at-risk youth about HIV/AIDS and its prevention… Significant changes in students’ knowledge, attitudes and perceived social support are observed as a result of the program.”

The Children’s Health Council

Addressing lack of opportunities for women in soccer was one of the main reasons for starting Soccer 4 Hope and trying to balance the playing field.

The reality is that there are very few soccer leagues for girls in the whole country. Girls want to play the sport that is by far the most popular sport in Africa, but it became clear how we could best serve a real need for the game and the country, one that has been under-served for way too long.

The girls and women coaches are breaking major culture and gender barriers through their participation in Soccer 4 Hope. The teacher who ventures to watch his school’s girl’s soccer game, or a parent who finally decides to come and see his daughter playing, will most likely be seeing the sport in this way for the first time, creating a powerful shift of the game and attitudes in the community.

Soccer 4 Hope is providing fun sports programs in safe places for girls at schools and shelters, giving them a rare chance to play soccer, while providing them with the knowledge and information, and opportunities to discuss and debate these sensitive issues that young people and girls in particular face every day, through our Skills 4 Life curriculum.

The World Cup in 2010 has brought incredible excitement and opportunity for years to come for South Africa. There will long be a desperate need for women to be trained in sports administration, to develop the skills to manage a team, organize clubs, and teach girls about how to battle the immense challenges that surround them. Girls are 4 times more likely to get HIV in a region ravaged by the disease. S4H is this stepping-stone for careers in sports, teaching, and hospitality that addresses long-term economic security and vulnerability.

  • 2009 Programs reach 530 Girls in 27 schools coached by 91 trained MVP Coaches
  • 2010 Programs reach 740 Girls in 37 Schools in 6 Communities of Cape Town
  • 2010 Fifa Football for Hope Center is the chosen pitch of Soccer 4 Hope Harare Girls soccer Leagues, tournaments and exchange games.
  • 2010 One & Only Hotel has also been integral in supporting our staff’s training and personal development. Fifteen of our staff are included in their employee training programs that includes life skills, hotel management, computers, and communication, while also providing food for all MVP/All Star training, transportation in hotel vans, uniforms and staff support.


  • June 30-July15, 2009- Holiday programs in 4 communities.
  • July 14, 2009- Socially responsible bracelet, in partnership with Relate, messaging bracelet were made to create sustainable funding for Soccer 4 Hope projects.
  • July 15,&17, 2009- “UKUSA” funded by UNODC. The substance abuse tournament took place at Ikhusi Primary in Khayelitsha, the event was a resounding success with the participation of 120 participants.
  • July 17th- Hoops 4 Hope and Global Giving partnered to host a conference held at the Rainbow Center in Gugulethu.
  • July 29th-1st Gala Fundraiser dinner at Marimba Convention Center Cape Town raises R80,000.
  • July 30th-Hoops 4 Hope welcome Nikki Rixon a professional photographer from the German agency to start a photographic project with the All Stars.
  • August- Launch of the Life orientation program to delivered at Khukanyile Primary in Khayelitsha.
  • September 1-6, 2009- Hoops 4 Hope in partnership with the NBA delivered HIV/AIDS and Leadership lessons to campers at the Basketball Without Borders Camp in Johannesburg.
  • September 11-18, 2009 Lucca Leadership program for All Stars. Powerful accredited course!
  • September 21-23 M&E Workshop with All Stars, MVP’s, managers, directors.
  • October 10&17, 2009- Best of the Best tournament, Hoops 4 Hope and Soccer 4 Hope, the basketball tournament were held at Vukani Primary in Philipi, and the soccer tournament took place at Luzuko Primary, Gugulethu.
  • November 11, 2009-Graduation 1057 young participants graduated from the Skill s 4 Life program.
  • January 16-18th, 2010- Luther College, exchange program and games
  • January 22nd, 2010- Western Cape School Sport, Skills 4 Life delivery to elite athletes
  • February 18-2010- First H4H International All Star Training with Zimbabwean All Stars in Cape Town (unfortunately Angolan partner group was unable to attend the training due to immigration visa restrictions.)
  • February 26- Strategic development and M&E meeting with Southern Hemisphere.
  • February 27-March 17, 2009- Community outreach programs for basketball and soccer activities.
  • February 28- HR process for All Stars/ASM’s completed with staff members signing contracts.
  • March 10- S4H Harare program launch at the Football For Hope Center, with exchange participation of the Cape Town German girls school team.
  • March 13-Fifteen H4H members tackle world’s largest bike race, the Cape Argus.
  • March 18- EU/GTZ/ SRSA cooperation agreement launch at the Rainbow center in partnership with Soccer 4 Hope.
  • March 20-Launch 2010 programs in 6 Western Cape communities.
  • March 24- School of International training, US exchange clinic.
  • April 1-14 Holiday program reach all 6 target communities.
  • April 7-8th- 2010 1 Dream Foundation, US exchange clinics & games
  • April 16-18- Soccer sport specific training in partnership with Coaching for Hope at Mvula Primary, and O & O Hotel food/ transport for 78 MVP participants.
  • May 7- Dashboard training for All Stars and ASMs
  • May 17-21st- Trinity Western University, Canada exchange program, clinics & games
  • May 29-Team building at Isthinga with140 participants including All Stars, MVP’s, and management staff.
  • June 7- Presented with 45 World Cup tickets for deserving coaches in partnership with FIFA, Sony and Grassroots Soccer.
  • June 11- World Cup Holiday programs in partnerships with YDF (Youth Development Football ) and GTZ (German Technical Organization), New World Foundation, Homeless Street Soccer, and Leadership South.
  • Soccer 4 Hope World Cup camps were highlighted by visits from German Chancellor Merkel and US Ambassador to South Africa, and us running FIFA fan park activities.
  • June 2010- Launch of new www.Soccer4Hope.org website with easy access to press, video, and social networking sites.