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Zim All Star Profile: Davy

My name is Davy Karumazondo. I am 25 years old. I am the All Star in the Highfield Hoops 4 Hope program. I started working with Hoops 4 Hope in 2006. Coach Ngoni is the one who persuaded me to be involded in the program. I had always known Coach Ngoni as a level headed person, so I knew I had to take on the challenge he had put before me. At first, it seemed a bit hard as I had never worked with a group of kids numbering up to 350 a day.

The use of life skills in the program made everything much easier because I got to know what the kids liked and how to keep them in line. The Hoops 4 Hope life skills program has ever since been a life saver  to me, judging from the lives it has changed, including mine. The community has also commended Hoops 4 Hope since they have seen lives being changed. Through the Train-the-Trainer method, we have also maneged to convey messages on HIV & AIDS, drug abuse, and peace throughout the community. I also hope that through the number of kids we deal with day by day, soon the massege will go global!