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Wewe and Thola to Germany for Symposium on Sport For Youth Development

Soccer 4 Hope Life Skills Manager Wewe Sokoyi and Field Coordinator Tholakele Ndlovu recently embarked on another amazing opportunity, as they were invited by the GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit or the German Technical Corporation) to a symposium on sports for youth development in Germany, which took place in Berlin from November 19th-24th.Wewe and Thola were welcomed as experts in the sport and development field and Wewe was even asked to be a speaker and panelist for one of many round table discussions.

One portion of the symposium, entitled “Paths to Success: Inspiring Future Leaders”, focussed on the development and support for young women and men as potential future leaders in international sports organizations. During their global discussion, Wewe and Thola learned about career development and possibilities in sports organizations, had plenty of networking opportunities, and renewed their inspiration and motivation for success in their personal development as sports leaders.

Some of the questions Wewe encountered were as follows:

Under which ciurcumstances can sports support social development of youth? Which lessons learened can be drawn from your current experiences? Which challenges do appear and which recommendations could be pronounced for future activities? How could the cooperation between different actors (state, civil society, and NGOs) be improved?

Other speakers and panellists at the event included Mr. Willi Lemke, Special Advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General on Sport for Development and Peace, Dr. Bernard Eisenblatter, Managing Director of GTZ, Ms. Nia Kunzer, female German football champion, Ms. Golda El-khoury, UNESCO, Chief of Section Youth, Sports, and Physical Education, Ms. Sumayya Khan, Deputy General, Sport and Recreation of South Africa, Professor Gunter Pilz from the University of Hanover, Gerald Guskowski, Head of the Team YDF Project,

Wewe and Thola were recognized as GTZ  youth representatives from YDF (Youth Development through Football), a project coordinated by GTZ in South Africa, of which Soccer 4 Hope has become a partner.

Congratulations, Wewe and Thola! You are the future generation of Soccer 4 Hope!