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Volunteer Returns 11 Years Later!

H4H wants to give a special shout out to one of our original, old school volunteers, Jason Beseden!
Now the Athletic Director of the International School in Brussels, Jason is planning a trip to South Africa in April to establish, design, and build  a service learning component with his basketball and soccer teams at his school. He is very excited to return to Cape Town after 11 years!
Here is an update from Jason in Belgium:

Written by Jason Beseden
The first annual Hoops 4 Hope tourney just finshed here at the International School of Brussels.  We had 4 schools take part: American School of London, American School of The Hague and International School of Brussels.  Exactly 100 students from all over the planet.  We started off the weekend yesterday with a power point presentation about Hoops in our school theater which was a big success.  I had a number of students coming up to me over the weekend that would like to get involved.  At the same time each school donated complete sets of uniforms, some of which have never been used.  I think we have about 8 total sets of uniforms.  Some even include the warm ups.
Next year the tourney will be a bigger event.  The US and South African ambassadors said they would be involved as well as Nike.  Hopefully next year we can have a Hoops rep in the house.  As a reminder I will be coming down to SA in April and would really like to take some pictures of some teams in the uniforms if you can set that up.  That will be priceless to the schools and hopefully get them involved in their own way.  I realize you guys are in need of money rather than product but we have to start somewhere.  If our schools see their school uniforms on some kids in Zim or SA, it will be massive in their eyes.

Please stay tuned and get ready to read more about Jason’s upcoming journey!