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MVP Volunteer Coaches Using YDF Toolkit

Recently Soccer 4 Hope partnered with the Youth Development through Football Project (YDF). YDF is a project funded by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the European Union.

The YDF Project, together with partners, developed a toolkit which empowers coaches to design and implement trainings and workshops for youth in the field of soccer and youth development.

Together with Coaching 4 Hope, S4H trained 150 volunteer youth coaches in the last three weeks using the YDF Toolkit. 80 of these were S4H MVP’s; the others were from the following Implementing Partners:

– Bread of Life

– New World Foundation

– Doringbaai Multi Purpose Resource Centre (our West Coast partner)

– Oasis

– Amandla Edufootball

In addition to the YDF Toolkit, 120 coaches received training in the Hoops 4 Hope ‘7 Tools’, empowering them with practical Skills 4 Life to teach youth.

This collaboration between organizations in developing youth coaches has increased the project’s reach, and enabled youth from different contexts to share experiences. Through this training S4H was also able to gather significant information to form the basis of a strong impact study, focusing on the how sport develops self-efficacy in youth.

The training was a great success and the MVP coaches are very excited to use their newly gained skills. Stera Mafunda, one of the lead MVP’s said: “I have been to many trainings, but at this one I really felt like I saw my friends growing!” A league will soon be organized where all the learned skills will come into practice. The league is planned to start on March 14th and run for 18 weeks.