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Success Comes to S4H All Star!

Written by Soccer 4 Hope All Star, Vuyani Ngcuka:

Pictured in Brown Cap and Pointing at Wewe!

My name is Vuyani Ngcuka, also known as Vee. I’m 21 years old, born in the Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth. Due to unusual circumstances during that time, I went to Cape Town. That’s where I lived  my life since my childhood until now. I was raised by a single parent,who is my grandmother.

My personality is what creates an opportunity for me to socialize and interact with creative minds because I’m kind, talkative, and at the same time I love helping  people and giving back to my community. Committed, devoted and disciplined is my reflection to what I am and my destiny, regardless of my background. I’ll definitely strive for prosperity.

Currently I’m working for an NPO called Soccer 4 Hope. I have been working for two years of which I was recruited from Oliver Leaf Foundation after I’ve completed my grade 12 in 2009. Because of financial challenges, I couldn’t enroll and further my studies at University, which was the greatest disappointment. Being involved in an organization that focuses on community development was the opportunity for me. Soccer 4 Hope developed me in such ways that now I could see my self facing the world.

My objective was to truly make difference in life and interact with creative minds, as well as personal development which can help me to deliver outstanding results that will benefit the organization and its services. I think it’s one of my achievements since I joined S4H. I have unleashed my potential to a higher potential. I can see some progression based on my work and performances and I have groomed them.

Being accepted at school to study Mechanical Engineering at University has been one of my greatest achievements. My goal has been to pursue my academics at Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). I think that’s the stepping stone to my career and being involved with S4H has been the greatest inspiration in my life. Thanks to S4H for encouragements and provision of resources, which have kept me striving towards my dream. I would say S4H has played a vital role in my life and developing my self.

Hard at Work!

Soccer is what kept me away from unpleasant things, so soccer is one of the things I like. My work is top on my priorities list because it’s like I’m giving back to my community. I’m thankful that my input is accountable in my community. Music is also what keeps me smiling every day and is a passion of mine.

My Motto: Every action has its reaction, but on an opposite direction. Hard work is directly proportional to your success………….be inspired before you expire!