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Paying it Forward with Kicks!

Ray Allen sneakers sold by 11 Year Old makes H4H $599!

Finn, pictured above, holding Shaq's shoes!

Finn Li and his family were part of our Annual H4H Benefit this summer in the Hamptons. There, at the silent auction, he purchased a pair of Air Jordan 8 (VIII) Retro PE – Sugar Ray Allen (Black / Stealth – Clover) of which only about 24 pairs were released. The kicks are a black and green scheme to match the Boston Celtic’s jersey, with “Sugar Ray” stitched onto the shoe.”

These sneakers were a gift by Ray to H4H and South Africa Director Kita ‘Thierry’ Matungulu, who has become a multi-year guest Ubuntu coach and friend of the team. Finn, being a social entrepreneur, bought them at our benefit for $275, but knew they were worth much more, so he and his dad put them on eBay and they reached the bar of $970!!!!

Finn is a long time H4H MVP, so it was a no-brainer to split the profit with his friends in Zimbabwe who will use this generous act of Ubuntu to help hold their Best of Best tournaments at the end of the year!

Thanks Finn,

You’ve definitely got Ubuntu!