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Champion of the Year: YONI!

Written by Mark Crandall

Yoni is back in Africa again, starting this time in Cape Town, then to Zimbabwe and now in Uganda. Yoni does it all in the H4H family!
He has been helping run our Canadian volunteer chapter, running a H4H summer camp for needy kids in Vancouver, doing H4H Outreach with communities in the North Pole, couriered uniforms and sneakers across the planet at his own expense, driven from Harare to Cape Town in our recycled American school bus, and luckily for us all he has made inspiring documentaries of all along the way! Yoni is a true H4H champion! Check out some of his videos updates from the ground, here!

Thanks for everything, Yoni!
East Hampton Ross School ‘up-cycled’ uniforms now in action in Cape Town, thanks to Yoni!


Written by Zimbabwe Country Director, Ngoni Mukukula

Yoni (Middle) and H4H Coaches in Zim!

From nowhere I asked my son Watida what he thought about Yoni’s visit. His answer was short, ‘he is a great friend but a bad barber.’ The story is Yoni decided to be Watida’s barber for once and the resulting cut was a disaster for Watida who spent the rest of his afternoon in a cap.

Anyhoo, I agree with Watida that Yoni was and still is a great friend. Yoni tried his hand at almost everything whilst down here. From playing on the Raiders Basketball team to spending nights in the hood. His easy going character saw him make friends with almost everyone and did so with a lot of ease. At the end of the year Christmas party for Hoops 4 Hope his friends sang him ‘Yoni is jolly good fella’. . . he indeed is a people’s person. But his stay here was not all play. He got down to some serious business working and covering the Best of the Best Basketball Tournament and came up with a 7 minute masterpiece of a DVD.
When it came to food, Yoni tried everything that was put before him. He told me his favorite dish was that of chicken’s feet. Yes you read right … chicken’s feet! The home boy was even enjoying some on our way to the airport before he caught his plane to Uganda. He became more of a local and learned a few local words which were enough to make him an instant favorite of many Zimbabweans. Whenever Yoni was  asked by my wife Fiona whether he was hungry, his answer was always, ‘ I am never hungry and never full’. We all love Yoni because he truly loves Zimbabwe.