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Action at Crossroads Community Center

H4H South Africa is now based at the Crossroads Center, in collaboration with the City of Cape Town. A beautiful but underutilized facility with so much potential, the center is coming to life every day with H4H programs for kids and its surrounding community. Everyone is excited to see the space now utilized! A homework club, hoops teams, a fitness club, and township hoops leagues are just some of the new programs that have started this year, with many more to come.  Our Strike Team of All Star community collaborators is bringing hoops and soccer programs to 25 schools and shelters, with our trained MVPeers who are using sport as the vehicle to educate and elevate themselves and their own communities.

An update on the Stephen Silverman Memorial Court:
The renovation and painting of our outdoor court will happen soon because of the Ubuntu from Brooklyn, USA to Crossroads, keeping Steve’s passion for the game alive in South Africa.