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Soccer 4 Hope Donations

Saturday, April 28th, 2012








Soccer 4 Hope would like to sincerely thank Tim Pezaro and the community youth soccer club VUFC from Vancouver, Canada for the recent donation of uniforms jerseys. We would also like to thank to Right to Play for the initial connection! Seen in yellow are the Wolves United Boys Team!


Hoops/ Soccer 4 Hope Service Trip to Cape Town, South Africa

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Written by Madi Bartlett 

This trip was truly one of the most memorable experiences of my life and I’m sure many, if not all, of the other students who participated would agree.

The days in which we did volunteer work at the townships were unforgettable besides playing both basketball and soccer we were able to get to know the coaches in charge of the program and the children involved, making new friendships and learning so much more about the situation many of the children were in and why we should so desperately help.  On these days we were split into two groups; basketball and soccer. Each group would work on drills throughout the morning developing new skills and improving the old. These skills would then be put into game situations with friendly matches and mini-tournaments at the end of the day.

Through sports, the program is able to provide children with a fun environment where they can develop social skills and other such life skills that are essential to modern day living. Besides promoting healthy competition, the program helps to keep children off the streets and educate them on the dangers of violence and HIV/AIDS; a disease which effected many of the children’s parents and families. It was great to see such a positive program in action.

Besides helping the children in the town ships we were able to tour the magnificent wonder s that Cape Town had to offer whilst immersing ourselves into the interesting and vibrant culture of the people to which Cape Town was home.

During our stay we visited the Aquila game reserve were many of us were able to touch a Leopard that was rescued from wildlife dealers, which gave us another perspective on other issues facing South Africa today. We were also able to visit Table Mountain, Lions Head, Boulders – penguin colony, Robben Island, the waterfront and the Craft Market, all of which were amazing in themselves.

On one of the days we were fortunate enough to watch a live football match, Vuvuzela’s and all, between two professional South African teams, the Moroka Swallows and Ajax Cape Town, in the Cape Town world cup stadium which for me was one highlight of the trip.

On Behalf of all the students on the trip, I would like to thank Mr. Baseden for organizing such an amazing trip, it was truly unforgettable. I would also like to thank Coach Kaisin and coach Gomez, for accompanying us on the trip and making it so much more entertaining.

Finally, I would like to thank the coaches and organizers of the program for all their amazing work, for welcoming us into the centers and for allowing us to participate in the program.


Beyond Sport 2011!

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Over the course of two weeks in December, the H4H team attended four powerful conferences in Cape Town, South Africa!

Former news anchor and current media strategist San Reddy interviews Tony Blair at the Beyond Sport Summit

These conferences included: The Nike SSCN (Sport for Social Change Network), the Adidas Exchange Program, the International Sport and Development Conference. . .all of which were well positioned around the Beyond Sport Summit. It was truly inspiring to hear the up-close words of inspirational figures like Desmond Tutu and Tony Blair, to sport stars like Mike Richter, Michael Johnson and Oscar Pistorius, to name drop just a few!  The field is going way beyond sport, integrating shared values, creating social innovation, setting new standards for corporate involvement and philanthropy, and connecting those who are creating positive change through sport.

It was unbelievable to be immersed with so many amazing delegates, academics, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers from 130 countries. Across the world so much is being done to excite, educate, unite and create leaders through sports, from girls boxing to surfing, yoga, art and a school using skateboarding in Kabul.  At H4H, we are proud to be making a long positive impact in the lives of youth, their families and communities through the hard work and dedication of our staff in Zimbabwe and South Africa, and with the continued support from champions around the globe.

We thank all our friends, sponsors, and partners and look forward to a successful 2012!


Adidas Exchange Program!

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

From November 30th- December 2nd, Soccer 4 Hope was invited to be part of the Adidas Exchange Program in the Khayelitsha community of Cape Town. S4H members Mark Crandall,Wewe Sokoyi, and Karl Voysey were part of a suite of particiapting members, including participants from Amandla Edu Football, Grassroot Soccer, Coaching For Hope, LoveLife, Whizzkids United, Kick 4 Life, SCORE, and many more! Throughout their 3 day agenda, individuals discussed things like employability, with a focus on crime prevention and certification programs for community coaches.

Mark Crandall interviews Ms. Tanya Sibanda from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe:

Tanya studied nursing and loves working with children and public health and feels she makes a positive impression as a real role model and responsible adult working as a program officer with Grassroots Soccer. Her position involves budgeting and engaging the community, identifying risks, and using peer education and sports, because she says, “sport is a brilliant way to help youth make good decisions.” She also likes chilling with friends and braii’ing (around a Weber grill, probably cooking meat), cheering on the Highlanders or Arsenal, but is an admitted lover of basketball! See you on a court or for a braii in Zimbabwe soon!

S4H Girls Championship Tournament

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Written by S4H Program Coordinator and All Star, Wewe Sokoyi

S4H is a program that comes under the umbrella organization Hoops 4 Hope, that has been existing for the past 16 years. S4H is been funded by the GIZ and is under the Youth development through Football network(YDF) and has been working with communities and primary schools to run youth programs and an U/14 girls league incorporated with a Skills 4 Life program,working with 40 primary schools from Khayelithsa, Nyanga, Crossroads, Phillipi and Gugulethu.

On the Saturday of the 10th of September, we then ran a championship tournament with the  8 primary schools who were on top of the log in their communities. They have been competing for 6 months with 4-6 primary schools in
their community league.

The day started smoothly with opening speeches from S4H program coordinator Wewe Sokoyi and a Gugulethu LFA representative. Then there was the kick-off tournament, with the girls fiercly competing to be crowned the S4H 2011 Champions. The community of Gugulethu around the NY116 Sports Field was where this splendid event was hosted. People came out in numbers to experience 1st hand, as the young girls took charge and ownership of
the soccer pitch. It got down to the last 2 schools, Isigcawu and Hlengisa, where the game ended in 0-0 and went on to penalty shootouts. Hlengisa Primary took the victory beating Isigcawu 4-3.

S4H would like to thank a day well done to the schools and teachers present, the community of Gugulethu and LFA, S4H MVP coaches, and All Stars!